Rockstar Games Announce Red Dead Redemption II Trailer 3 on GTA V

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Red Dead Redemption II Advertisement

Earlier today, Rockstar Games announced on social media and through Rockstar Newswire that there will be a third trailer for Red Dead Redemption II being released on Wednesday, May 03.

To let as many current Grand Theft Auto V players know about the new trailer to be released, Rockstar have added an advertisement on the loading screen on GTA V. The advertisement very simply reveals that a new trailer will be released in 3 days.

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Rockstar Games is Releasing a Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition

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Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition on German Amazon

Reports have surfaced that Rockstar Games are planning to release a premium edition of the latest addition to their Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V. The German website of Amazon briefly showed a listing of the game which revealed details that the premium edition would be an enhanced 4K version.

The image above shows that the game is planning to be released on March 23. Although there has been no official confirmation by Rockstar Games, this may seem likely as they recently remastered L.A. Noire a few months ago for current-gen consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V is still a very popular game as Take-Two even said this themselves last August in a statement regarding the continuation of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Take-Two Say Grand Theft Auto V Is Just As Popular As Ever

Grand Theft Auto V Wallpaper
When Grand Theft Auto V was released 4 years ago, it quickly became one of the best-selling games ever. We aren’t surprised by this, the amazing storyline, breath-taking graphics, and the unique multiplayer experience is something that players are still enjoying now as much as they did in 2013 when the game was released publicly.

Take-Two Interactive have said that the continued success of Grand Theft Auto has been a shock to them as it continues to be a major part of the game publisher’s earnings. The game publisher released their quarterly earnings on Wednesday and announced that sales of the game were “exceeding expectations”.

Pressure also seems to be on for Rockstar Games, the developers of Grand Theft Auto V for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar also, last October, announced the sequel to their western-world game Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 to be released in Spring 2018 after initially being planned to release in Autumn 2017.

Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick did not give any information about what players can expect in Red Dead Redemption 2 but he did say that the company is just as confident with the Red Dead series as they are with Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar Games Release “Gunrunning” DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online

After a lot of patience from Grand Theft Auto fans, the Gunrunning DLC is finally here and players are already quickly spending millions of in-game dollars to get the best experience from the latest DLC Rockstar has released. Rockstar announced that the Gunrunning DLC will be bringing “The manufacture and distribution of illegal arms” to San Andreas.

To start off, once you are on GTA Online, head onto the internet and go to the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Here you will be able to buy bunkers located across northern San Andreas in areas such as Raton Canyon and Paleto Forest. The prices for the bunkers are between $1,165,000 to $2,375,000. The cheapest bunker being located in Paleto Forest and the expensive in the Grand Senora Desert.

Gunrunning 1

You will also be given the option to add upgrades to your bunkers such as a shooting range, gun locker and living quarters, of course, this all makes you spend more money on your bunker.

Gunrunning 2

On Warstock Cache and Carry, there is a range of new military vehicles you can purchase starting at $1.1 million to $3.5 million. The new vehicles include a Dune Fav, APC, Oppressor and much more.

Gunrunning 3

As well as the vehicles and bunkers you are able to buy Rockstar have added new bunker-themed Adversary modes such as Every Bullet Counts, Juggernaut, Slasher, Resurrection, Till Death Do Us Part and Trading Places.

The Gunrunning DLC gives CEOs, VIPs and MC Presidents the chance to research and manufacture weapons, this can be done by assigning staff to the different tasks that need to be done, Rockstar has also lowered the fee to register to just $50,000. Lastly, there are also new tattoos, clothing items and haircuts available for purchase to make you look even cooler whilst in your underground bunker.

Grand Theft Auto Online Gunrunning DLC Announcement

A few days ago, Rockstar Games announced a new DLC that will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online called “Gunrunning”. They made the announcement on Twitter which included a link to a trailer that shows what players can expect to experience when the new DLC gets released on June 13th.

Gunrunning is all about the weapons trade in San Andreas, it will be focusing on smuggling expensive and dangerous weapons within Los Santos along with giving players the ability to customize a wide range of weaponized vehicles. Players within GTA Online who are already CEOs or VIPs will be able to purchase underground bunkers in the Grand Senora desert to use as a base for their illegal operations.

Fortify a subterranean bunker, decimate your enemies in a Mobile Operations Center, wreak havoc in a new fleet of Weaponized Vehicles, and make your mark on the SA arms trade.

– Rockstar Games

The DLC also introduces players to two new locations, a bunker and a Mobile Operations Center. The bunker is a large underground base that includes living quarters and weapons storage, complete with a workshop with facilities for you to upgrade and customize your weaponized vehicles.

The Mobile Operations Center is a customizable tractor-trailer which as well as gives players the chance to begin new jobs on the movie but can be outfitted with living quarters and workshops to customize your weaponized vehicles.