Amanda De Santa

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Amanda De Santa
Name: Amanda De Santa



Portola Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos


Michael De Santa (Husband), Jimmy De Santa (Son), Tracey De Santa (Daughter)

Amanda De Santa is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the wife of the protagonist, Michael De Santa.

Amanda was born in 1970 and during her adulthood, she worked as a stripper and as a prostitute (as implied by Trevor and her son, Jimmy De Santa) when she first met her future husband then named, Michael Townley. It is unknown what Amanda’s upbringing was like but Michael once said that he met her when she was living in a trailer park in the Midwest.

Amanda’s relationship with Michael is very toxic as they continuously bicker and argue. Sometimes they can’t tolerate being in the same room as each other, so Michael spends his free time drinking and lounging by his pool and she spends his money on expensive clothing and plastic surgery.

Even though they have two children together, Jimmy and Tracey, they have admitted to each other that they have both been unfaithful to each other.

At some point in their relationship together, Amanda caught Michael in bed with another stripper and after looking at his bank statements she believes that he was spending the majority of his money on strip clubs and prostitutes.

This lead to Amanda having affairs of her own. At her home in Rockford Hills, she had her own personal tennis coach who at many times seemed to be getting quite personal with. During the mission “Complications“, Franklin sees Amanda in the kitchen with her tennis coach, Kyle Chavis, showing her how to use a tennis racket in a sexual manner.

It is later confirmed that Amanda is cheating on Michael with her tennis coach when he catches them having sex in his own bedroom. Chavis panics and jumps out of the bedroom window to escape, Michael enraged, chases after him with Franklin in an attempt to kill him.

Sometime later, Michael receives a phone call from Amanda. She explains that she has been caught shoplifting from Didier Sachs at the Rockford Plaza, Amanda pleads with Michael to come and rescue her. Michael arrives at the Rockford Plaza and finds Amanda in the back of the police car with two officers talking to each other next to the vehicle.

Michael enters the police car and flees from the police with Amanda handcuffed in the back seat. He takes his wife home and talks about Amanda’s shoplifting habit and Michael’s past along the way.

Amanda appears later when she sees Michael finding marijuana in their refrigerator, she blames Michael for the mess that their kids are in and they both start to argue. All of a sudden, Trevor Philips appears after him and Michael both assuming that each other were dead for almost ten years.

Trevor introduces himself to Michael’s family, he asks where Tracey is as she is not home. Jimmy reveals that Tracey is auditioning for the popular reality TV show, Fame or Shame.

Sometime later, Michael and Amanda are bickering again in their house about Trevor suddenly reappearing in their lives again, she has never liked Trevor and orders, Michael, to “keep him away from me and the children”. Amanda’s yoga coach, Fabien LaRouche, appears and invited them both to do a yoga session together to relax.

Michael agrees to LaRouche’s invitation and he and Amanda do a yoga session together. Everything is going well until LaRouche puts Amanda into a sexually suggestive yoga position which angers Michael. He lashes out at Fabien and lunges to him but falls into the swimming pool instead.

Amanda says that this is the last straw with Michael and shouts at him that she is leaving him and taking the children with her. She doesn’t appear until quite sometime later when she rings Franklin and asks him if her husband is still alive and ok.

After a long time has passed since Amanda moved out of Michael’s house with her children, Jimmy goes back to see Michael who is surprised. He says that Amanda is at the Bean Machine café with Fabien. Michael drives himself and Jimmy to the café to meet them.

When they get to the Bean Machine café, Fabien is seen verbally abusing Amanda and then starts to insult Michael and Jimmy. Amanda lashes out at him to which Michael hits Fabien, he grabs a laptop from another customer’s table at hits him over the head.

Happy to see Michael again and Fabien taken care of, Amanda tells Michael to drive all four of them to Dr. Friedlander’s office near Venice beach. During the therapy session, Amanda and Michael argue and vent their frustration but as they are both leaving the office, they agree to give their relationship another try which ends Michael’s family moving back in.

Shortly after, Michael’s house gets broken into whilst Amanda and Tracey are getting ready to meet Michael and Jimmy for the Meltdown premiere at the Chinese Theatre. Merryweather hold them both hostage under orders of Devin Weston, Michael intervenes and kills all of the Merryweather soldiers in his house.

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