Brad Snider

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Brad Snider
Name: Brad Snider



Ludendorff, North Yankton



Brad Snider is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V.

Not a lot is known about Brad’s childhood or his early life before we see him. It’s obvious though that for some time of his life, he lived in Ludendorff, North Yankton. Brad only started to commit crimes when he first met Trevor Philips and become a member of his crew which included Michael De Santa (then Townley) and Lester Crest.

The quartet worked together to perform serious crimes, robberies and cleverly avoided law enforcement at the same time. Even though they all had a partnership together, Brad was disliked by Michael and Lester but had a more personal connection with Trevor.

Sometime in 2004, the crew attempted to rob a bank in North Yankton. The heist did not go to plan as the police shot their getaway driver when they were fleeing from the bank and their car was crashed with a train as they were driving over the tracks.

When Michael, Trevor, and Brad continued on foot to escape, Dave Norton shot Brad and Michael in the chest which resulted in Brad’s death yet Michael surviving whilst telling Trevor to leave him and escape.

Officially, Trevor was told that Brad had been imprisoned at the Bolingbroke Penitentiary but in reality, he was actually dead and was buried in Michael’s grave which gave Michael the chance to fake his death and start his life again.

Over the next nine years, Norton impersonated Brad by sending occasional letters and emails to Trevor pretending that he was still in prison when in reality he was buried in a grave. Norton used this to monitor Trevor and to prevent him from finding out the truth on what actually happened in 2004.

Eventually, Trevor realizes the truth and flies all the way to North Yankton to see the coffin himself despite Michael trying to stop him finding out the truth. When he gets to North Yankton, he digs up the grave and opens the coffin to find Brad’s corpse there.

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