Dave Norton

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Dave Norton
Name: Dave Norton



Los Santos



Dave Norton is one of the five main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V with Devin Weston, Lamar Davis, Lester Crest and Steve Haines. It is unknown when Norton was born as there is little known background about him, but we did know that he is a corrupt FIB agent who is working under Steve Haines.

He began working for the FIB at an unknown point in his past, according to Lester Crest, Norton’s career was unremarkable until he discovered when Michael De Santa (formerly Townley) was going to rob the bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton.

Michael and Dave made an agreement with each other, he proposed to Michael that he could start his life again, a fresh start. This was going to be done by giving in his friend, Trevor Philips, to the FIB and Michael would fake his death by being “shot” by Dave during the robbery in 2004 (also known as the Prologue).

When the robbery took place in North Yankton, Dave ambushed Michael’s group of criminals as they attempted to make their escape from the police after crashing into a train at a level crossing. He uses a sniper rifle and tries to shoot Trevor Philips but accidentally shot Brad Snider instead and “fakes” a shot at Michael.

Dave Norton with a sniper rifle in ‘Prologue’

Trevor escaped from the scene and as part of Michael and Dave’s agreement, Michael was given a new identity, relocation and life in Los Santos in exchange for information. Dave also buried Brad in Michael’s grave to further aid this story.

A little while later, Dave intercepts a letter that was sent to Brad who is believed to be imprisoned. He figures out that it was sent from Trevor who lives in Sandy Shores. Norton decides to keep his eye on Trevor by sending him letters back pretending that he was Brad so that he wouldn’t have any suspicions.

Nine years pass and Michael is still living in Los Santos under the new identity that Dave provided him, they both kept in contact. Dave arrived at Michael’s house in Rockford Hills after he robbed a jewel store warning that this will attract attention from Trevor.

Dave confronting Michael in ‘Mr. Philips’

Dave’s boss, Steve Haines, learned about Norton’s little agreement with Michael, Franklin and Trevor. He starts to use this as leverage since he is Dave’s superior to tell him to persuade Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to do work for the FIB to increase their funding from the government.

The trio does many jobs for Haines and Norton include kidnapping Ferdinand Kerimov, breaking into the IAA building and stealing a chemical weapon from the IAA research facility. In some of these heists, Norton assisted the crew.

Much to Michael’s dislike, Norton and Haines continue to work with the trio against the IAA. This eventually causes Haines to become paranoid. Michael and Franklin are ordered to break into the FIB headquarters and destroy any files that they have against Haines.

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If that fruitcake realizes, no, no, finds out you’re alive, you are D-O-N-E fucked!

– Dave talking to Michael in “Mr. Philips”

Haines meets Norton with Michael at the Kortz Center and betrays them both as he attempts to have Andreas Sanchez, his right-hand FIB agent, arrest them. This causes a Mexican standoff with a crew of IAA agents, their rival FIB team and Merryweather.

Dave involved in a Mexican standoff in ‘The Wrap Up’

Sanchez is shot by Haines for betraying him and leaves Michael and Norton to fend for themselves. They manage to fight their way out with Trevor’s help on the rooftop. Once they were clear from Merryweather and the IAA, he tells Michael not to contact him until he is positive he will not be followed.

Later on, Norton meets up with Haines. Haines is certain that Michael, Frankin, and Trevor must be killed but Norton persuades him and insists that only Trevor needs to be killed. Dave and Haines meet up with Franklin who is told by Haines to kill Trevor. On the other hand, Devin Weston, who the trio have been doing work for as well orders Franklin to kill Michael.

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