Devin Weston

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Devin Weston
Name: Devin Weston



Tongva Hills, Los Santos County



Devin Weston is one of the five main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V with Dave Norton, Lamar Davis, Lester Crest and Steve Haines.

Weston was born in 1962 and is upbringing is unknown but it has been made obvious that he hasn’t always had everything that he wanted to be handed to him, but now even as a grown adult, he throws temper tantrums if he doesn’t get his way.

He is an American billionaire who owns a large number of shares in several major companies such as, Patriot Beer, Nogo Vodka, Banner Hotel & Spa and even Merryweather Security, a private military company who acts as Devin’s personal army in his criminal and corporate interests.

Weston is also close friends with important people within law enforcement, he has developed a relationship with FIB agent Steve Haines which is shown as he provides a police escort for his personal assistant, Molly Schultz.

He is first introduced to Michael and Trevor after kidnapping Ferdinand Kerimov, to take him to a secret location so that they can torture him. This introduction mainly consisted of Trevor insulting him for his looks by saying “he reminds me of one of those guys you see advertising pills for middle age men that can’t get erections”.

Devin Weston talking to Michael at his house in ‘Blitz Play’

They aren’t properly introduced through until after they rob an armored truck under Haines orders for him. As a thank you for stealing an armored truck he offers Michael a chance to work with his favorite Vinewood producer, Solomon Richards to make a movie with.

He offers Franklin and Trevor a contract to steal five luxury supercars for him so that he can sell them to high ranking Chinese government officials. They succeed in doing this with the help of Lamar Davis and transport them to the drop-off point near Paleto Bay. However, Weston goes back on his offer to pay them and instead reassures them that he will invest the money for them in his own company.

Devin confronting Michael and Mr. Richards in ‘Legal Trouble’

Almost instantly he also attempts to shut down the production of Michael and Solomon’s movie that they have been working on together. This is so that he can claim an insurance payout from the studio. The insurance policy requires that they cannot complete their film, Weston has his lawyer and personal assistant, Schultz, take the only copy with her on a trip to Liberty City and to keep it hidden.

Michael, enraged with the fact he can’t finish his movie, races to the airport to catch Molly before she gets on her plane. When she sees him coming, she panics and runs in front of the plane to only get sucked into the plane’s turbines and killed.

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Now they like what? Videoing themselves beating off on their iFruit phones. Don’t blame me.

– Devin talking to Michael and Mr. Richards in “Legal Trouble”

Michael saving Amanda from Merryweather in ‘Meltdown’

Angry with the death of his personal assistant and lawyer, Weston sends a group of Merryweather soldiers to Michael’s home to kill his Amanda and Tracey.

Michael is alerted of this by Weston’s boasting at the premiere on Vinewood Boulevard and rushes to his home with Jimmy to save them.

After Merryweather failing to kill Michael’s family, Weston visits Franklin at his home on Whispymound Drive, Vinewood Hills to tell him he needs to kill Michael.

Franklin refuses as he explains Haines has told him to kill Trevor instead.

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