Jimmy De Santa

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Jimmy De Santa
Name: Jimmy De Santa



Portola Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos


Michael De Santa (Father), Amanda De Santa (Mother), Tracey De Santa (Sister)

Jimmy De Santa is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V. He is the son of protagonist, Michael De Santa and Amanda De Santa.

Jimmy was born in 1993. He is first seen at the end of the mission, “Franklin and Lamar” where he is purchasing a yellow BeeJay XL SUV from Simeon Yetarian.

A little bit later in the game, whilst Franklin is at Michael’s house, Jimmy calls his father to tell him that his yacht has been stolen and he is hiding the head whilst the yacht is on a trailer on the freeway. Jimmy tried to sell the boat to get some drug money when the buyers decided to steal it instead.

Outraged, Michael and Franklin drive after him in his wife’s car. Franklin takes out the men on the yacht whilst rescuing Jimmy by jumping onto the trailer as it’s moving. Once Jimmy is in Amanda’s car and safe, the trio drive after the yacht but unfortunately, lose it as the car breaks down.

Later, Jimmy is upstairs in his room playing video games and shouting insults at the game so loud that Michael can’t hear a movie that he is trying to watch downstairs. He angrily walks upstairs and gets into an argument with Jimmy which leads to him smashing his television with a chair.

Jimmy and Michael attempt to bond with each other a little by going for a bike ride, they arrive at Vespucci Beach and they race to the end of the pier. They agree that if Jimmy wins then Michael has to buy him a new TV after he smashed is the current one.

When the bike ride ends, Jimmy informs Michael that his sister, Tracey De Santa is partying on a yacht just off the pier with some friends and producers who shoot porn. Outraged, Michael dives into the sea and swims towards the yacht to get Tracey.

When Michael eventually brings Tracey back to shore, she lets out her anger on Jimmy and accuses him of ruining her day. Both Tracey and Jimmy leave Michael on the beach.

At some point when Michael is back home, he goes into the refrigerator in his kitchen and finds a large block of cannabis that he assumes belongs to Jimmy. Amanda is in the kitchen with him and argues with him about the situation that their children are in.

Jimmy enters the kitchen and argues with Michael calling him an asshole, this ends quickly as Trevor arrives unexpectedly. After Trevor re-introduces himself to Michael’s family after almost ten years, Jimmy tells Michael that Tracey is auditioning for Fame of Shame. Trevor and Michael rush off to stop Tracey from embarrassing herself.

Later, Jimmy is at home playing Righteous Slaughter 7 in his bedroom when Michael comes upstairs after his failed yoga session with Amanda and Fabien so that he can bond with his son. Jimmy says that he wants to go meet his drug dealing friend at Burger Shot with Michael insisting he comes along.

Michael drives himself and Jimmy to Burger Shot and picks up some cannabis along with a “special drink”. Whilst Michael is driving them both home, Jimmy tricks him into taking a sip of the drink causing Michael to feel dizzy. Jimmy then reveals he had his friend spike the drink with PCP, he throws Michael out of the car onto the street and says he’s leaving home and taking some of his money.

One day, Michael is home and passes out after drinking whiskey. Jimmy, to Michael’s surprise, shows up at the house and awakes Michael from his drunken state. Michael reveals that he will most likely be dead in a couple of weeks and asks how his wife Amanda is doing. Jimmy explains that Amanda is still angry at him but on the other hand is bored and waiting for him to prove that he is still committed to the family.

Jimmy and Michael both pick up Amanda and Tracey and the family go to Dr. Friedlander’s office for a family therapy session. Even though the family still have their differences with each other, they agree to reunite and head back together to Michael’s house.

A while later, Jimmy accompanies Michael to the premiere of a film he produced called Meltdown. When they arrive to the premiere, they notice that Amanda and Tracey are nowhere to be seen, Devin Weston then confronts them and hints they are both in trouble at home.

Michael and Jimmy rush back home to find Merrweather guards have broken into the home and are holding Amanda and Tracey hostage upstairs. Michael kills all of the mercenaries after one of them catches him off guard and holds him at gunpoint. Jimmy turns off the light upstairs and uses night vision goggles to hit the Merryweather guard and knock him out.

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