Lamar Davis

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Lamar Davis
Name: Lamar Davis



Forum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos



Lamar Davis is one of the five main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V with Dave Norton, Devin Weston, Lester Crest and Steve Haines.

It is unknown when Davis was born but considering he went to the same high school as Franklin Clinton, it is suggested that they are of very similar age. He became Franklin’s best friend as they both attended Davis High School and lives in Strawberry, an area known for gang crime.

Davis is no stranger to crime as he is a drug dealer and gang-banger, his best friend once described his “slingin’ dope” and “throwing up gang signs”. Davies is a member of the Families street gang and worked briefly for Simeon Yaterian as his Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership until he and Franklin were fired.

We first see Lamar in GTA V when he is doing a repossession job in Vespucci Beach with Franklin. They both encounter Michael De Santa, who they ask for directions to a house they plan to repossess a car from, Michael tells them the way and the duo find the cars.

Lamar talking to Michael in ‘Franklin and Lamar’

Franklin and Lamar race the 9F Cabrio and Rapid GT back to the dealership and once they get back to Simeon Yaterian he orders them to repossess a Bagger in the Vagos-controlled area near Vespucci Beach.

They both search for the bike in several garages until they are confronted by gangsters, Lamar shoots one of them causing a shootout and they are forced to fight there way out of the lockup.

As they are about to hop back over the fence to get out, they see the bike they are looking for with the owner riding it, the owner is killed and Lamar decides to keep the bike for himself instead of returning it to Simeon.

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Around the block? With Chop? You need to walk with your fat ass.

– Lamar talking to Franklin in “Chop”

Lamar and Franklin also kidnap a Ballas gang member called D, Lamar does this with the help of Franklin and Chop, Lamar’s dog. However, they are forced to let D go when Lamar accidentally reveals their location.

Lamar and Stretch visit Franklin’s house in Strawberry and they decide to go visit D at the Recycling Plant after stocking up on weapons and ammunition at Ammu-Nation.

Lamar and Stretch confronting D in ‘The Long Stretch’

However, when they get to the Recycling Plant it turns out that D had set them up with the Ballas. Stretch shoots D in anger and the trio has to shoot their way out of the recycling plant and escape from the cops.

Franklin later returns to his previous house in Strawberry only to find Lamar and his aunt Denise Clinton who start to give him shit about why he has been neglecting his family.

Trevor appears out of nowhere and shoos Denise back into her house by giving her some money and telling her to buy herself something nice. He gets asked by Franklin and he’s doing at his aunt’s house to which he responds that he is new in town and making friends.

Lamar convinces Franklin to do a drug deal with him and Trevor tags himself along, the trio makes their way to Grove Street. When the drug dealer answers the door, he offers Lamar a free sample from a brick of cocaine.

Trevor interrupts and grabs the brick from the dealer and discovers that the other side of the brick is drywall, this causes a shootout to start in the street and the trio is forced to fight their way out of Grove Street from the Ballas and from the LSPD as they turn up.

They escape through a narrow alley which leads the trio to the Los Santos Storm Drain, they steal three Jetskis and head to the Alamo Sea where they eventually lose the cops.
Later, in a conversation with Trevor and Lamar, Trevor reveals that Franklin is stealing supercars for Devin Weston and he makes his way to Hayes Autos garage on Little Bighorn Avenue. After talking to each other, Franklin leaves with Devin and Lamar discusses the possibility of them working together.

He later steals a Monroe for Devin which assists in the completion of Devin’s collection, he then assists Trevor and Franklin in transporting all of the stolen cars to Paleto Bay even though they get caught by the police.

Tanisha asking Franklin to save Lamar in ‘Lamar Down’

Shortly after, Tanisha pays Franklin a visit at his new house in Vinewood Hills, she explains that Lamar has been set up by Stretch and is Franklin was his best friend as he says he is, he would go and rescue him. Franklin finds out that he has been kidnapped by the Ballas and currently being held at a sawmill in Blaine County.

Whilst Franklin makes his way to the sawmill, he contacts Lester to help him with rescuing Lamar. Michael and Trevor meet Franklin at the sawmill and the trio works together to fight their way through the Ballas and rescue Lamar.

Franklin takes Lamar back to his home on Forum Drive and after they both get out of the car, they get into an argument about Lamar changing his ways to stay out of trouble. As they finish their dispute, Lamar overhears Steve Haines and Dave Norton confronting Franklin who orders him to kill Trevor.

Haines and Norton leave the scene, Lamar asks Franklin who they were to which he responds “nobody”.

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