Lester Crest

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Lester Crest
Name: Lester Crest



Amarillo Vista, El Burro Heights, Los Santos



Lester Crest is one of the five main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V with Dave Norton, Devin Weston, Lamar Davis and Steve Haines.

It is unknown when Crest was born but it is estimated that he is of similar age as Michael De Santa. He has worked with Michael for a long time, even back when he was committing crimes in North Yankton with Trevor Philips and Brad Snider.

Thinking that Michael was killed in action whilst committing the bank robbery that almost killed the crew, Lester fleed from North Yankton and moved to San Andreas to protect himself. He eventually found out that Michael actually faked his death and was living in Los Santos as well.

He reunites with Michael after almost 10 years from what happened in North Yankton when Michael found himself in a position to quickly obtain millions of dollars to pay back Martin Madrazo after pulling his girlfriend’s house down off the Vinewood Hills.

Lester and Michael come to a deal, he will help Michael but only after he helps Lester to assassinate the Lifeinvader CEO, Jay Norris so that Lester can buy Lifeinvader shares at a low price.

Once Michael does his part of the deal, Lester helps him and Michael’s newest crew member, Franklin Clinton, perform a robbery at the Vangelico jewel store.

A while later, Lester asks Franklin for help on more assassinations so that he can make a profit through the stock market. The victims of these assassinations by Franklin and Lester include businessmen Brett Lowrey, Jackson Skinner, Isaac Penny, and Enzo Bonelli.

Lester also continues to help Michael, Franklin and Trevor set up heists and other criminal activities, he assists the trio in robbing the bank in Paleto Bay to help fund an operation for the FIB. He also helps Franklin rescue Michael after he was captured by Wei Cheng’s gang in North Yankton.

Lester’s last involvement with Michael, Franklin, and Trevor is helping them pull off the robbery of the Union Depository which they successfully steal $200 million from the government.

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