Harold “Stretch” Joseph

Last updated: 12th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Harold “Stretch” Joseph
Name: Harold “Stretch” Joseph



Los Santos



Harold Joseph was born in Los Santos. His upbringing and childhood is unknown, but he did join the Chamberlain Gansters Families at a young age, most likely when he was a teenager. Joseph worked his way up through the ranks of the gang and soon became a senior and respected member within the gang whilst earning his nickname “Stretch”.

In the GTA V story, Stretch is first seen when he is released from prison and Lamar decides to plan a reunion for himself, Stretch and Franklin. The trio meet in front of Franklin’s house in Strawberry where Franklin and Stretch insult each other which almost escalates into a fight.

The trio get in Lamar’s white van and head to Ammu-Nation to buy some weapons. Afterwards they make their way to a factory in La Puerta to conduct a drug deal with a Ballas gang member named D. When they arrive, and enter the factory, the conversation between D and the trio becomes hostile and escalates when they realise that they have been setup by the Ballas.

Stretch shoots D in anger and then the trio shoot their way out of the factory by killing any Ballas gang members in their way. When they eventually escape the factory, they realise that the LSPD have arrived via helicopter and police cars which leads to a shoot out and car chase. Once the trio lose the cops, they head back to Franklin’s house.

A little while later, Stretch and Lamar turn up at Franklin’s house again and tell him about a drug deal that they have organised in Grove Street. Whilst the trio are talking, Trevor unexpectedly turn up and angrily forces himself to join them in their drug deal. The four of them make their way to Grove Street and walk up to the house where the drug dealer is.

Whilst the drug deal is taking place, Trevor asks to see the other side of package which causes a conflict when it is revealed that the drugs are fake and that they were going to be scammed. Ballas members in the area start attacking Franklin, Trevor, Lamar and Stretch and they have to fight their way out of Grove Street as the LSPD also turn up. They go down a side street and steal four jet skis which they use to escape the LSPD.

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