Trevor Philips

Last updated: 4th August 2019

Spoiler Warning: This page contains plot details of the story in Grand Theft Auto V.

Trevor Philips
Name: Trevor Philips

?? Canadian


Zancudo Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County


Mrs. Philips (Mother)

Trevor Philips is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V with Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton. He was born and raised in Canada, an area near the border as he has called it the “Canadian border region of America”.

Trevor gives the impression that he had a troubled upbringing not just by his personality, but how he once described is childhood in a conversation with Franklin.

He said that he “grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother”. He also has a brother named Ryan who he said that he did not like and died in an accident.

Trevor has confessed that he had a horrible upbringing, admitting that his father was physically abusive towards him and his mother was also abusive, treated him badly and saw him as “useless”. Trevor’s father abandoned him in a shopping mall when he was young to which in retaliation Trevor later burned it down.

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I had a tough upbringing. My daddy was not nice to me!

– Trevor talking to Floyd and Debra in “Hang Ten”

When Trevor was younger, he dropped out of school which explains the reason why he has poor grammar skills and lacks common sense or basic knowledge of the world around him. He once stated that he thought ancient Rome was part of the United States.

Even though Trevor has a poor education, his friend, Wade Hebert has said that he has good mathematical skills but for we know Wade could have said this due to his low intelligence.

Later on in Trevor’s life, he discovered that he had a talent and great passion for flying jets. He enlisted in the air force to fly fighter jets but several days after completing his training and becoming a licensed pilot, he was unfortunately confirmed mentally unstable by the air force. This resulted in his discharge and grounding for life.

Since Trevor’s dreams of being a pilot were shattered, he became a drifter and committed small crimes along the Canadian border. He has said to Lester that he never committed any serious crimes until he met Michael in 1993. Trevor and Michael first met each other whilst they were escorting cargo across the border together.

Trevor has told many stories of his past, one being to Lamar where he said one time, himself and Michael were waiting on the runway to meet their employers. Trevor saw not one, but two dust trails coming up the road when he was told there would be only one person meeting them both.

As the second driver went through the gate he started to yell at Michael. Trevor ended up getting close to him and shot a flare gun he was carrying into the man’s eye killing him. Michael and himself both dumped the body into a lake after landing the plane. Trevor recalled these moments by saying it was a horrible death as the flare was still burning from the inside of the man’s head as they dropped him into the lake.

The crew robbing a bank in ‘Prologue’

After what both Trevor and Michael did together, they formed a relationship and criminal partnership together.

Their first job together involved robbing a place that cashed checks. Trevor was caught because the clerk ended up being someone who knew him which resulted in Trevor serving four months of a six-month sentence.

During this time Michael developed a relationship with a stripper who ended up being his wife, Amanda. This created friction between the three of them as Trevor and Amanda disliked each other, probably due to Amanda not approving of Michael’s criminal activities with Trevor.

Even though there was a uncomfortable relationship between Trevor and Amanda, he was seen as an uncle to Michael’s two children with Amanda, Jimmy and Tracey. Jimmy is always seen very nervous and uncomfortable around Trevor due to his personality.

As Michael was raising his two children, he became more cautious as a criminal because he felt like he had more to lose if he was imprisoned or killed because of his family. This led Trevor to believe Michael was becoming soft and weak. Trevor met a man called Brad Snider who would join Trevor and Michael in their criminal acts even though Michael and Brad didn’t like each other that much.

Trevor before shooting the guard in ‘Prologue’

One of the robberies that the trio commited together was at a bank in North Yankton in 2004, the robbery was going well and as planned until Trevor shot a security guard that attempted to stop the trio from escaping the vault.

The police attempted to stop the trio whilst they fought there way out of the bank and to a getaway vehicle waiting for them on a road near the bank. As the group of criminals drove away from the crime scene, they were planning to rendezvous to the rural town of Ludendorff where a helicopter was supposedly waiting for them.

Whilst they were escaping the police, their driver was shot by them and Michael was forced to take the wheel of the car. Michael tried to escape the police by driving over a train track just before an oncoming train was about to pass in front of them.

The car got hit by the train at the level crossing and crashed on the other side. Even though the trio were in trouble, Michael insisted that they stick to their original plan of getting to the helicopter so that they can escape.

Trevor taking cover from Dave Norton in ‘Prologue’

As they started to walk through the small town to find the helicopter, a FIB agent called Dave Norton ambushed them and shot Brad and Michael with a sniper rifle. Michael told Trevor to leave them behind as save himself, even though he refused at first, he made his escape.

Because of their failed robbery in North Yankton, Trevor and Michael believed that each other were dead. Trevor ended up making a new life for himself in Sandy Shores, Blaine County and developed an addiction to crystal meth. He built a small business with a new friend, Ron Jakowski, a conspiracy theorist, Wade Hebert, an unintelligent individual and Chef, a meth cook.

Trevor named his small business Trevor Philips Enterprises, the business specialised in smuggling weapons and the distribution of drugs. Whilst he was running his business, Trevor got himself known with the Aztecas gang, the O’Neil brothers and The Lost MC gang.

Trevor isn’t seen in the story of GTA V after the robbery fail in North Yankton until Michael attempts a robbery of a jewelry store on Portola Drive. Trevor is having sex with Ashley, Johnny’s girlfriend who is a member of The Lost MC, he hears a witness quote a movie phrase that Michael often said on the news. This spooks Trevor and causes him to be in shock for a few moments.

Trevor spooked from hearing Michael’s movie phrase in ‘Mr. Philips’

He grabs a beer and walks out of his trailer to try and recollect his thoughts but is confronted by Johnny who is angry and him for having sex with his girlfriend again. Trevor tries to walk away from Johnny, but gets pushed to breaking point as Johnny continues to shout at him.

Trevor stops ignoring Johnny and starts to tell him offensive jokes and mocks him by suggesting that they both should have sex together. Johnny calms down and says that he still loves Ashley, Trevor embraces him and gives him a hug before snapping into a rage.

He smashes his bottle of beer over his head and then proceeds to kick his head whilst he is lying on the ground several times killing him almost instantly. Trevor then decides that he needs to kill and wipe out Johnny’s gang, The Lost MC before they take revenge.

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You want me to fuck you instead? Is that the problem here? Take off your pants, cowboy, alright? Let’s, let’s fuck.

– Trevor talking to Johnny in “Mr. Philips”

Trevor drives with Wade and Ron to a hangout in Grapeseed where Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons and other members of The Lost MC are. Trevor mocks and makes fun of Johnny’s death which causes the gang members to retreat to their main gang hideout, Trevor follows behind in his truck with Wade and Ron then attacks the gang at their hideout.

Ortega after Trevor pushes his trailer in the river in ‘Mr. Philips’

He takes out the majority of the gang and orders Wade to find out where Michael Townley lives after hearing his quote on the news. Whilst Wade is doing that, Trevor and Ron continue to do more work together including attacking the trailer of Aztecas leader Ortega and taking over The Lost MC’s airbase at Sandy Shores Airfield after they smashed up Trevor’s trailer.

Trevor starts to do business with other the Chinese Triads led by a man called Wei Cheng. Cheng wants a suitable business partner so that he can expand his drug business in Blaine County, he sends his son along with a translator to visit Trevor.

Trevor takes them to his meth lab to show them his business but is forced to hide them before they even enter the building to fight off gang members who want to take revenge against Trevor attacking Ortega, their leader.

He successfully kills all of the attackers but this makes the Cheng family cancel their deal with Trevor and they decide to work with his rival, the O’Neil brothers instead. After learning about who the Chinese are working with, Trevor becomes extremely angry and drives to the O’Neil brother’s farm in Blaine County and kills the remaining brothers that are there as Walton and Wynn drive off to meet with the Cheng family.

Trevor blowing up the O’Neil’s ranch in ‘Crystal Maze’

After Trevor shoots his way through the farmhouse, he goes to the basement and pours a trail of gas from a jerry can from the basement to the front door and ignites it, blowing up the house.

Wade, who has been searching where Michael Townley lives, arrives back at Trevor’s trailer and gives him the news that two people named Michael Townley live in Los Santos but neither match Trevor’s description.

He did, however, find a man called Michael De Santa who matches Trevor’s description as he has two kids and a wife called Amanda. Trevor travels to Los Santos with Wade and refuge in his cousin, Floyd’s apartment near Vespucci beach.

Trevor tracks Michael down to where he lives at his mansion in Rockford Hills and enters to the surprisement and shock of Michael and his family who all thought that he was dead. Trevor re-introduces himself to the De Santa’s but realizes that Tracey is not at the house.

Jimmy admits that Tracey is auditioning for Fame or Shame, a reality TV show being filmed at the Maze Bank Arena. Trevor, knowing that Tracey is about to humiliate herself on national TV, rushes to the Maze Bank Arena with Michael.

Trevor pushing his way through security in ‘Fame or Shame’

Trevor and Michael barge their way through the reception area and to the audition room where they surprise Tracey with their appearance. The audition begins where Tracey starts to dance provocatively towards Michael and Trevor.

Lazlow Jones, the show’s presenter, starts to make sexual advances towards Tracey during her dance causing Michael and Trevor to become angry and attack him.

Lazlow escapes with Michael and Trevor following him behind, he runs to the parking lot and steals Michael’s car. Michael and Trevor follow him behind in a truck until they reach the Los Santos River. Trevor starts to humiliate Lazlow by forcing him to take his pants off whilst he films it.

They let Lazlow go and Michael and Trevor go their separate ways after Trevor states he is back in Los Santos.

Trevor finds out that Wade’s cousin, Floyd, works at the Port of Los Santos. He forces Floyd to drive him and Wade to the docks disguised as employees to see if there is anything valuable stealing. Whilst they are searching the dock, Trevor learns that a private security company, Merryweather Security Consulting, owns a freighter ship containing secret cargo.

Trevor works out that the secret cargo must be extremely valuable because of all the armed security present guarding it day and night. He plans a heist to steal the cargo for himself with the help of Michael who “owes him one”.

Trevor assisting Michael in a chopper in ‘Three’s Company’

At around this time, Trevor was also contacted by Steve Haines, an FIB agent who needed Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s assistance with extracting a prisoner being held by the IAA. Trevor provides air support by flying the chopper used for the extraction and keeps it for himself afterwards.

Shortly after, Trevor pays a visit to Franklin’s neighborhood in Strawberry and admits to Franklin and Lamar that is new in town and looking to make friends. He accompanies them both on a drug deal at Grove Street set up by Stretch.

Everything goes well until Trevor intervenes and attempts to take a sample of the cocaine brick that Lamar is about to purchase. Trevor snaps the brick in half, revealing a key inside and that the brick was actually just a piece of drywall.

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Did we ask, for a key, or a fucking ounce?

– Trevor confronting the drug dealer in “Hood Safari”

A gunfight then breaks out with the Ballas and the trio attempt to fight there way out of Grove Street with the cops also showing up. They head down an alley towards the Los Santos River where they steal jet skis and escape from the LSPD.

Trevor torturing Kerimov in ‘By The Book’

Trevor and Michael are brought in by the FIB for another job, this time Trevor has to interrogate a man named Ferdinand Kerimov, the Azberaijani who he helped to take from the IAA. Trevor uses weapons and tortures Kerimov to extract information out of him whilst Haines asks him questions.

Haines then calls Michael and Dave who use the information from Kerimov to assassinate an alleged terrorist, Tahir Javan. After Javan is killed, Trevor is told to kill Kerimov and dispose of his body. Instead of doing this, Trevor helps him escape by driving him to the airport and telling him to start a new life.

The heist that Trevor has been planning, to steal the cargo from Merryweather at the Los Santos Docks finally gets to work. He gets Michael and Franklin to assist him.
When Trevor places the stolen cargo onto the trailer to drive away, Lester interrupts and tells Trevor he has to put the stolen cargo back where it belongs otherwise all of them will be dead. Lester reveals that it’s a superweapon that the government was going to trade with the Chinese, that could destroy the entire city.

Angry that all of his work is for nothing, Trevor later receives a call from Elwood O’Neil. Trevor gets threatened by him because he killed his brothers and destroyed the family ranch in Sandy Shores. Trevor ignores the threat and hangs up.

After Trevor’s failed heist, he continues to do jobs with Michael and Franklin including assassinating the cousin of Martin Madrazo. Whilst traveling back to Madrazo’s house he attacks him and kidnaps Patricia, his wife after he sees her being mistreated by him.

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What kind of fuckin’ animal do you take me for? No, I didn’t kill him.

– Trevor talking to Michael in “Caida Libre”

This forces Michael and Trevor to go into hiding at Trevor’s home in Sandy Shores, whilst they are there Trevor helps Michael and Franklin kill the rest of the O’Neil brothers, rob a bank in Paleto Bay which contains a large sum of tax money to secure funding for another FIB job.

Trevor also assists Michael and Norton from escaping the Humane Labs and Research facility when they stole several neurotoxic chemicals owned by the IAA. He also returns Patricia to Martin Madrazo whom he threatens to kill if he ever mistreats Patricia again.

Trevor covered in blood after fighting Debra in ‘Hang Ten’

Trevor returns to Los Santos and encounters Floyd’s girlfriend Debra who returned home from her business trip overseas. Trevor and Debra get frustrated with each other’s presence quickly, things escalate as Debra pulls a gun at him and Floyd picks up a nearby knife.

The scene cuts to a blood-stained Trevor who walks down the steps to Floyd’s apartment and tells Wade to get into his truck so that they can go for a ride. The pair then takes over the Vanilla Unicorn strip club and move in.

Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and Lester all meet at the strip club where they draw out plans for their attempt to rob the Union Depository also known as “The Big One”. Part of their planning involves surveying the depository in a chopper to find any possible escape routes.

Trevor visits Michael at his house in Rockford Hills, he tries to persuade him to break Brad out of prison and start robbing banks together as a group like they used to do. Michael refuses because he says he has a family which irritates Trevor.

Trevor begins to understand why Michael has always been so against talking about Brad, especially busting him out of prison and flies to North Yankton to find out the truth with Michael following him in a car.

Trevor digging up Brad Snider’s grave in ‘Bury the Hatchet’

He arrives first at the graveyard and digs down to the coffin under Michael Townley’s grave, his suspicions are confirmed when he opens the coffin and finds Brad’s corpse in Michael’s place. Michael catches up to him and tries to explain why he did it.

Trevor, refusing to listen to his lies, pulls out a gun at Michael to which he does the same. The duo is ambushed by the Triads who followed Michael from the airport. Trevor flees the scene and heads back to San Andreas.

Whilst Trevor is flying back to Los Santos, he receives a phone call from Wei Cheng who threatens him that he will kill his “lover” if he does not pull his drug business out of Sandy Shores, Trevor ignores the threat and tells Cheng that he can do whatever he wants with him.

Sometime later, Trevor meets up with Franklin back at his aunt’s house in Strawberry. Franklin asks him where Michael is after he hasn’t heard from him, Trevor reluctantly tells him that Michael was kidnapped by the Triads.

Using Lester’s help, Franklin tracks down Michael who was held hostage at a slaughterhouse.

Even though Trevor is still not on good terms with Michael, he saves his life and assists him with his escape from the FIB, IAA and Merryweather standoff at the Kortz Center. He is aware that he needs Michael’s assistance if they ever want to pull off the robbery of the Union Depository. They successfully pull off the heist and steal over $200,000,000 worth of gold from the Union Depository.

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