Last updated: 12th May 2019

  • Michael De Santa
  • Franklin Clinton

Simeon is trying to scam yet another customer and has asked Franklin again to repossess another vehicle. It’s the vehicle that Jimmy De Santa purchased in the mission Franklin and Lamar.

Franklin heads to Downtown to Michael’s mansion where the car is being kept. Simeon calls Franklin and tells him that the car is being kept inside the garage which he can only access from inside the house.

After successfully stealing the car, Franklin heads back to the dealership with Michael in the back seat who pulls a gun to his head and tells him to drive through the dealership’s window. Michael then beats up Simeon and tells Franklin to leave.

Mission Guide/Walkthrough

Go to the house

Find a way into the house

Take out the gardener

Retrieve the car

Take the car to the dealership

Ram through the dealership window

Beat up Simeon

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 05:00.
  • Can’t Touch This – Take no damage during the fight with Simeon.
  • Dirt Nap – Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack.


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