Last updated: 28th June 2019

  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips

Trevor meets Michael at his trailer when he tells him about a train that will be transporting priceless Merryweather antiquities and that Trevor wants Michael to help him to steal them. Michael heads off to steal a dinghy whilst Trevor drives a motorbike to the east side of Sandy Shores near the train tracks so that he can use the cliffs to jump on top of the train.

Once he gets on top of the train, he drives to the engine and kills the driver and taking control of the train driving it to the bridge where Michael is waiting with sticky bombs and his dinghy.

When Trevor gets to the bridge, he jumps off the train into the water before the train collides with another one, when the container falls into the Alamo Sea, Michael blows the doors open with a sticky bomb and starts to search the container whilst Trevor fights off Merryweather. Michael and Trevor, now that they have the briefcase they were looking for, escape down Cassidy Creek in the dinghy with Merryweather still following behind them.

Once they reach the Pacific Ocean, they continue to drive the dinghy until they reach two getaway vehicles on a beach. They open the briefcase to find that they have stolen an ancient artifact.

Mission Guide/Walkthrough

Get on the bike

Jump onto the train

Drive along the train to the engine

Go to the rail bridge

Use sticky bombs to blow open the orange container’s doors

Protect Michael from Merryweather

Protect Michael from Merryweather

Land at the beach

Go to the getaway vehicles

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 11:30.
  • Fastest Speed – Reach top speed on the Sanchez.
  • Better than CJ – Land on the train using the 1st jump.


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