Friend Request

Last updated: 12th May 2019

  • Michael De Santa

Michael who is now in debt to Martin Madrazo for pulling down his property on Vinewood Hills, contacts his old friend, Lester Crest, for a way to get enough money to pay for the damage. Lester has an idea which involves the CEO of Lifeinvader, he tells Michael to go to Suburban and change clothes into something “young”.

After Michael gets some new clothes, he makes his way to the Lifeinvader offices through the back and heads over to a prototype phone to which he plants a small explosive inside. Lester then tells Michael to go home and watch the unveiling of the new phone which he detonates through his cell phone. Lester then introduces Michael to the Stock Market.

Mission Guide/Walkthrough

Go to the Suburban store in Vinewood

Buy a suitable outfit

Go to the Lifeinvader offices

Go to the rear entrances

Follow the programmer

Rig the prototype

Exit the building

Watch the keynote at Michael’s house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 08:30.
  • Popups Clear – Clear all popups within 32 seconds.


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