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  • Michael De Santa

The first mission in Grand Theft Auto V is the prologue, this mission gives us an introduction to two of the main characters in the game, Michael and Trevor. The mission takes place back in 2004 in North Yankton where Michael, Trevor and one of their friends, Brad, are stealing money from a bank. You must steal the money from the bank and get away from the cops via a chopper.

Trevor sets explosives on the vault doors which you detonate on your mobile phone, Michael and Trevor then collect the cash and make their way out of the bank with Brad. After an intense gunfight with the police, the trio eventually gets to the getaway car and drive to the chopper.

On your way to the chopper, there is a police roadblock which forces you to take another route. This diversion takes you over a train track where a train hits the getaway car and the trio is forced to find the chopper on foot. As you are still trying to find the chopper, a sniper shoots Brad, killing him.

The sniper then shoots Michael who pretends that he is injured and tells Trevor to leave him and get to the chopper, unable to find the chopper Trevor makes a run for it across the snowy fields.

Mission Guide/Walkthrough

Go to the guard

Aim at the hostages to make them move

Use the phone to trigger the explosive damage

Collect the cash

Take out the guard

Get to cover

Escape the Cops

Get to the car

Drive to the helicopter pick up point

Hold off the Cops

Gold Medal Objectives

  • There are no gold medals to be obtained for this mission.


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