Grand Theft Auto Online

Last updated: 13th April 2019

As you have probably already guessed, Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer world based in Los Santos in GTA V. It was released after the launch of GTA V back in 2013 and players can create their own online character to use to roam the open online world.

Once you join the online world, just like in single-player, you are able to customize your character how ever you wish with money that you have earned through races, robbing shops, heists and more.

Your character starts at level 1 but through more involvement, you can continuously level your character up and unlock more features and missions along the way.

GTA Online includes a huge amount of activities you can participate in, from arm wrestling with your friends to robbing liquor stores to earn some cash.

Since GTA Online was launched, Rockstar Games have been frequently releasing free DLC for the massive online world. You can purchase super yachts, luxury apartments and a lot more.

Each update that Rockstar release give players an opportunity to play GTA Online in a different way than before, making you never bored of the madness.


Properties are able to be purchased through your cell phone on the Dynasty8 website. Here you can view the current properties that are available and select one that you can afford.

You can buy a property from $25,000 up to $3 million (through Dynasty8 Executive) and can be located anywhere within the open world. In your own property, you can store your vehicles and invite your online friends to hang out with you.


If you don’t want another place to live, but a property just to store vehicles you are able to find these as well on the website.

Got a few million dollars to throw around? If you check out the Dynasty8 Executive website, you will find a list of premium high-quality offices which include customization, a gun locker, an assistant, safe and more at additional prices.


Just like in the single-player world, you can buy all types of customizable vehicles through Eyefind from little sand buggies to private jets and war tanks and Rockstar sometimes release new vehicles to purchase through the frequent GTA Online updates.

You can purchase vehicles on Benny’s Original Motor Works, Elitas Travel, Legendary Motorsport, Warstock Cache & Carry, Dock Tease, Pedal and Metal and Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

With a recent GTA Online update, a bold and iconic range of Galaxy Super Yachts are ready to be purchased and customized through Dock Tease from $6 million. You can choose the model, fittings, lighting, color, and name of your yacht to show how superior you are to everyone else.



Form a group of online friends together in GTA Online and make them part of your Crew. Crews can work together to complete heist and generally roam the world causing as much mayhem as possible.

To learn everything you need to know about Crews and how they work, just check out the Crews within your pause screen in GTA Online or visit the Rockstar Games Social Club.


Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get a lot of money in GTA Online without getting your hands dirty. When you first enter the multiplayer world, players have found the best way to earn money is by simply robbing liquor stores and then gradually working your way up to completing heists with your Crew.

Simply put, the more you involve yourself with the activities within GTA Online, the more money you will get and eventually you will be able to buy that Galaxy Luxury Yacht you have been dreaming about… or you can just earn money the easy way by purchasing Shark Cards through the PlayStation or Xbox Store.


To keep your money safe, you are best to always deposit it in your Maze Bank account through Eyefind or by visiting an ATM machine. Any money that you have withdrawn from your account is at risk of being stolen from other players if they kill you.


As you first join GTA Online, you have the ability to complete missions which are given to you by a number of characters who are Lamar, Gerald, Simeon Yetarian, Ron Jakowski, Trevor Philips, Lester Crest, and Martin Madrazo.

Each character will give you a different type of mission to complete which can help you to earn money and to rank up your level. You will be notified when a mission is ready for you to play as the respective character will ring you on your cell phone and so forth.

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