Secrets and Easter Eggs

Last updated: 13th April 2019

Grand Theft Auto V is full of secrets and easter eggs which the player can find if they look close enough. The easter eggs within the game may reference anything from different characters in other video games not related to Grand Theft Auto or popular websites such as Reddit.
Take a look out our extensive list below which has been organised into several categories.

General Easter Eggs

An alien under the frozen lake in North Yankton

  • In the mission, Prologue, and Bury the Hatchet, players can see an alien under the ice below the bridge as the river is frozen over.
  • In-game there is a pickup truck that can be found with a California license plate.
  • A blueprint of the beta map for GTA V can be found on a wall inside Franklin’s safehouse.
  • Inside the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores, players can find bloody footsteps around the pool table. This is rumoured to be a reference to the serial killer Merle Abrahams and his obsession with the number “8.”
  • There are many juice stands located throughout Los Santos with an orange ball attached to the top, players can shoot this ball which causes it to detach and roll away.
  • If you dail 948-555-0100 in your in-game phone, the dail-up internet sound will be played.
  • In Franklin’s house that he shares with his aunt Denise, pornography magazines can be found in the far right corner of his bedroom behind the fan.
  • If you shoot rockets at Michael’s house as Franklin or Trevor, you will recieve angry texts or phone calls from Michael telling you to stop.
  • Inside of Trevor’s trailer you can find a box of cereal which looks very similar to a cereal brand in the UK called Sugar Puffs.
  • Whilst renovating a custom auto shop in GTA Online, there is a floor design which shows an illusion of pockets and hills, this is similar to the flooring of a game store in Paris, France.
  • In the mission, Predator, whilst Michael is using a sniper rifle with a thermal scope to locate the O’Neil brothers deep in the woods late at night. There is heat source in the bottom right area of the woods which appears to be Bigfoot standing still.
  • In Blaine County, players can find a purple dinosaur next to a diner which looks like the character Barney from a children’s TV show, Barney & Friends.
  • There is a snowman which can be seen inside a warehouse behind boxes in East Los Santos, the warehouse cannot be entered.
  • A Panzer II light tank can be found amongst some wreckage in the ocean near the Humane Labs.
  • Players who bought the Collector’s Edition of GTA V were given a copy of a blueprint map, by using a UV light on the map, markings, map legends, secrets and other bits of text will be revealed.
  • In Sandy Shores, you can find a hotdog stand called “Chihuahua Hotdogs”, this is a reference to the hotdog stands that were scattered throughout GTA IV.
  • There is a pathway on the side of the highway in Strawberry, as you drive down the path, you will see the words “Turn Back”. If you continue down the path, there will red paint on the wall spelling “Nothing Here”.
  • Whilst inside Richards Majestic Productions Studios in the mission, Father/Son, you can hear the Wilhelm Scream, a very famous sound effect that has been used in over 200 Hollywood movies.
  • If you sneak around Michael’s house as Franklin or Trevor, you will receieve a phone call or text from Michael asking if you’re sneaking around his house.
  • If you look closely at Franklin’s neck tattoo, you will see that it is joining hands and a cross with it. This was first seen in L.A. Noire, it is the necklace of the murder victim in the homicide case “The Silk Stocking Murder”.
  • UFOs can be found within GTA V. The majority of them can be seen after the player has obtained 100% completion. Three of them will appear in the sky but you can always find one of the coast of Paleto Bay underwater.
  • There is a hidden glowing alien egg hidden in the game files which can be spawned using third-party software.
  • Between the time 23:00 and 0:00, a ghost appears on the eastern peak of Mount Gordo. The ghost will stand still but disappears if the player gets too close. Whilst the ghost is present, you will see the word “JOCK” written in blood on the rocks underneath. This is rumoured to be Jock Cranley’s wife.

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Grand Theft Auto Series Easter Eggs

  • In the mission Hood Safari, on the last turn before Grove Street, you can see three men riding BMXs down Grove Street. They look very similar to C.J., Sweet and Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • A billboard under the Vinewood Sports LS store in Hawick shows a picture of Toni, a radio DJ from the 3D Universe.
  • Inside Lester’s house, there is a book called “Surveillance” on the bookshelf in his room which includes a photograph of CJ.
  • On the Del Perro Pier, the east side, there is graffiti which reads “Nothing to see here – groove along” with a illustration of a smiling cartoon face. This could be a reference to a similar illustration found in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • The Los Santos Country Club was founded in 1992. This is a reference to the year of the setting in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • At Franklin’s house at Whispymound Drive, Vinewood Hills, he has a book called “The Liberty King” with the face of Donald Love from Grand Theft Auto III.
  • On some of the San Andreas license plates, the month of manufacture sticker says “May” in capitals. This could be a reference to the original release date which was supposed to be Spring 2013 and possibly May of that year. It could also be a reference to the Houser brothers’ birth month.
  • At Franklin’s house at Whispymound Drive, Vinewood Hills, he has three gold records mounted to his wall. One of these records belongs to OG Loc from GTA: San Andreas. Also in his house is a Madd Dogg CD placed on top of the DJ Booth and a red and blue coloured artwork of Madd Dogg with the text “MADD” at the bottom.
  • The San Andreas Flight School was founded in 2004. This is a a reference to the year GTA: San Andreas was released.
  • In the mission Casing the Jewel Store, Lester mentions an eastern European man doing jobs in Liberty City who went quiet. This is a reference to the GTA: IV protagonist, Niko Bellic. This suggests that Bellic either give up his life of crime or was killed.
  • If you listen to the radio as Trevor in his truck, you can hear a conversation between a truck drive and a man called Eddie Law, a serial killer that could be found in Alderney in GTA: IV.
  • In one of the first trailers for GTA V, there is a number on the curb of a house for sale which reads “2405”. This could be a reference to the Houser brothers’ birth date which was May 24th.
  • At the top of Mount Chiliad, there is a mural inside the tramway station which includes a drawing of a jetpack. This lead to a lot of speculation that a jetpack might be hidden somewhere on the map. It was later revealed that the idea was scrapped from the game for unknown reasons even though there were files related to a jetpack in the game.
  • In Michael’s house, Jimmy can be seen viewing Niko Bellic’s LifeInvader page on his laptop whilst sitting at the dining table.
  • When playing GTA V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, many vehicle interiors are reused from GTA IV as the GPS shows a map of Liberty City instead of Los Santos.
  • Near the O’Neil brother’s ranch in Blaine County, a car bumper can be seen inside a barn with a 2008 Liberty City license plate.
  • When Trevor hits a pedestrian with a vehicle, he may sometimes shout “Ten points!”. This is a reference to the scoring system in the original Grand Theft Auto.
  • Near Franklin’s house in Strawberry, you can find graffiti on a wall that reads “Welcome Back – We missed you last time”, this a message to players welcoming them back to San Andreas.
  • Inside the Yellow Jack Inn, there is a coat hanger with a jacket to the left of the entrance that resembles Niko Bellic’s first brown jacket in GTA IV.
  • Some beach towels in the game have “I ♥ VC” on them. This is a reference to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • On Low Power Street, Pillbox Hill, there is graffiti on a wall next to a tunnel of Los Santos in the style of the original Grand Theft Auto logo.
  • Inside the Yellow Jack Inn, there is a picture of a man with a tow truck which could be a reference to Niko Bellic.
  • Inside the Vanilla Unicorn club, stickers can be found on the lockers in the back froom for Honkers Gentlemen’s Club, a reference to the strip club in GTA IV.
  • A homeless man can be spotted in Vespucci Beach holding up a sign that reads “Serbian bad guy stole all my money.” This could be a reference to Niko Bellic.
  • In the mission, Eye in the Sky, the pilot who is flying the helicopter with Trevor says that the “LSPD have come a long way concerning racism in the last two decades”. This could be a reference to the events of GTA: San Andreas and the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
  • Players are able to buy clothes for Michael that would give him the appearance of Tommy Vercetti, a reference to GTA: Vice City.
  • An outfit which can be purchased to complete heists, the green boiler suit with the hockey mask is a reference to GTA: Vice City’s heist mission at the Malibu Club.
  • In the mission, Derailed, one of the gold medal objectives is named “Better than CJ”. This is a reference to the mission, Wrong Side of the Tracks, in GTA: San Andreas.
  • The mission, Reuniting the Family could be a possible reference to the GTA: San Andreas mission, Reuniting the Families. This is because the two missions are very similar as the families in them try to resolve their issues.

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