Stock Market

Last updated: 21st July 2018

Just like in real life, the Stock Market in GTA V can be a quick way to make a lot of money and to lose it. Your goal is to buy low and sell high so that you will make a profit. The value of the stocks are determined by what you do in-game through missions, for example in Friend Request, after you kill Lifeinvader’s CEO the value of the Lifeinvader stock drops dramatically.

The Stock Market is not available for Grand Theft Auto Online, you must use single player if you wish to invest.

There are two stock markets in Grand Theft Auto V: Liberty City National and BAWSAQ.

Liberty City National BAWSAQ
ARK – AnimalArk AMU – Ammu-Nation
AUG – AuguryInsurance BDG – Badger
BAN – CoolBeans BET – BettaPharmaceuticals
BEN – BeanMachine BFA – BF
BGR – BurgerShot BIN – Binco
BIL – Bilkinton BLE – Bleeter
BOL – BankOfLiberty BRU – Brute
BOM – BobMulét BTR – Bittersweet
BUL – Bullhead CNT – CNT
CLK – CluckinBell CRE – Crevis
DEB – Debonaire DGP – DailyGlobe
DOP – DollarPills EYE – Eyefind
ECL – eCola FAC – Facade
EMU – AirEmu FRT – Fruit
FLC – Flecca GOT – GrainOfTruth
FUS – FlyUs HAL – HawkAndLittle
GAS – GastroBand HVY – HVYIndustries
GCD – GoldCoast LSC – LosSantosCustoms
GOP – GoPostal LST – LosSantosTransport
GRU – GruppeSechs LTD – LTDOil
HAF – Hamerstein&Faust MAI – Maibatsu
HJK – Hijak PIS – Pisswasser
KRP – Krapea PMP – PumpnRun
LFI – LifeInvader PON – Ponsobys
LOG – Logger RON – RonOil
MAX – MaxRenda SHK – Shark
MAZ – MazeBank SHR – Shewsbury
MER – Merryweather SHT – Schyster
MOR – MorsMutualInsurance SPU – Sprunk
POP – PostOP SUB – Suburban
PRO – ProLaps TNK – Tinkle
RAI – Raine UMA – Ubermacht
RIM – RichardsMajestic VAP – Vapid
RLS – RadioLosSantos VOM – VomFeuer
RWC – Redwood WAP – Dept.WaterandPower
SSS – Slaughter,Slaughter&Slaughter WIW – WIWANG
TBO – TacoBomb WIZ – Whiz
UNI – VanillaUnicorn WZL – Weazel
UPA – Up-n-Atom ZIT – Zit
VAG – Vangelico
WFM – WorldwideFM

There are certain story missions in singe player that can help you to make a killing in the stock market, if you play them right however. These are Lester’s assassination missions. If you follow the mission guide carefully for these assassination missions then it is possible to make over $2.1 billion in Grand Theft Auto V.

How to Invest in the Stock Market

Step 1. Select which market you would like to invest in, you can choose from Liberty City National or BAWSAQ.
Stock Market 1
Step 2. Click on “Markets” to view the companies you are able to invest in.
Stock Market 2
Step 3. Select a company to invest in.
Stock Market 3
Step 4. Click “Buy”.
Stock Market 4
Step 5. Click “Buy”.
Stock Market 5
Step 6. Click “Confirm”.
Stock Market 6
You have now purchased a stock in Grand Theft Auto V, whilst on a stock market website, you can click “My Portfolio” to view the companies that you are currently invested in and to see how they are doing. From this page you can sell your stock or sit and see if it grows.
Stock Market 7

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